Please change the servers on the Servers tab of your Account settings


How do I do this for Microsoft Outlook?

Click Tools

Click Accounts - (If you do not see Accounts, there may be an arrow at the bottom of the list - Click this to see additional options in the list. If you cannot find the corect option telephone us - 01702-316-963)

Select and highlight the account

Click Properties

You will see the following dialog box:


Select servers



Change the lines marked to read

For example

if your domain is enter in both lines

if your domain is enter in both lines

Also tick the box at the bottom of the page that says my server requires authentication – You do not need to go into the settings of this, they will be correct

See the image below to see what your email should look like when you have finished


Click Apply, then click OK.

You can now receive emails on our new updated servers.

If you have a problem, please email
or call 08452-301-051